About Us
Who We Are

Alunajati Sdn. Bhd. has been manufacturing and marketing teak wood furniture and fittings since year 2000. From the initial factory set up in Indonesia, we have further expanded our manufacturing plant to be focus in Malaysia where we could have a comprehensive control in terms of quality and delivery efficiency.


Teak wood is known as one of the sturdiest wood material in the world. It is valued for its durability and water resistance features. For centuries, teak wood has earned immense popularity among furniture makers and buyers for its warm color and low elasticity characteristics. The rising price of teak also makes it a sought-after product by furniture collectors for its high value.


At Alunajati, we always aim to serve our customers with the best quality. Our research and development team has been continuously exploring new product designs and functions to cope with the increasing market demands. In constantly being committed to ensure the diversification and quality of our teak products, we are also providing services of custom-made and project-based teak furniture and fittings.

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Our Vision

To be the leading teak wood furniture manufacturer in Malaysia that produces and markets excellent quality products.

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Our Mission

We would continue to focus in our research and development effort to create trendy and contemporary design teak furniture which are functional, elegant and retain the natural beauty of teak.

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