Teak Tips
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Teak Tips

Teak wood is one of the most stable and durable wood. It is perfect to be used to produce outdoor and indoor furniture. Teak furniture normally requires minimal maintenance. Learn more about teak wood characteristics and teak furniture maintenance here!

Did you know that freshly sawn wood has a moisture level of more than 20 percent?

To prepare the wood for crafting into furniture, we carefully kiln-dry the wood to reduce the moisture content to a level that allows it to acclimate to the average relative humidity in most homes in Malaysia. The wood in furniture continues to exchange moisture with the air as it responds to climatic changes in your home. Like your skin, wood is also porous. It responds to extremely dry air by losing moisture and shrinking a bit. For example, the halves of an extension table may part slightly, especially at the edges of the table. This will correct itself as the relative humidity rises and the wood absorbs enough moisture to expand slightly. These natural changes, of which some are noticeable, however, do not affect the furniture’s quality or sturdiness.

Taking Care of Your Teak Furniture.

Teak is a tropical hardwood found mainly in Southeast Asia. It is extremely popular both for its natural beauty and its ease of maintenance. Teak is a very dense and oily wood, making it extremely weather resistant and perfect for both indoor and outdoor furniture, that can last in its perfect shape for ages. So what are the best options for extending the life and beauty of your teak furniture?

To preserve the long life of teak, the following are some helpful tips to note in the proper care and maintenance of your teak furniture.

  • Never leave teak furniture in puddles of water or wet ground.
  • Cover your teak furniture during winter months to avoid exposure to the harsh elements or move them into a sheltered enclosed area.
  • Treated teak – If your teak furniture has already been treated with finish such as a melamine finish giving the furniture a longer lifespan, you only need to clean it when it gets dirty.

To maintain the golden brown color and smooth finish of your teak furniture, sand it regularly. To prolong the period of time needed between sanding, teak oil may also be applied every 3 month, or follow the teak oil product instructions. Do note that teak oil does not prolong the life of teak but simply maintains the golden brown color. Olive oil also works, but will evaporate faster than teak oil. Waxing your teak furniture twice a year can significantly increase the life expectancy of the wood. Putting a permanent lacquer finish on is also a popular choice, and will leave your teak items looking beautiful for years to come.

Do note that once teak is stained, it cannot regain its natural golden brown or silver-gray color. Stains are permanent on teak. If you choose to stain your furniture after it has turned silver-gray, you must first san it before applying the stain.

Repair and maintenance Service

To serve you better, we provide teak furniture repair and maintenance service with reasonable charges. Our experienced and obliging staffs are always ready onsite or depending on the type of repair or maintenance required, will arrange for your furniture to be brought into our factory for service.